What it costs to develop a basic marketing plan.

How long? Probably three to four meetings: 1 x initial, 1 x brainstorm, 1 x implementation and a possible follow up meeting. How much? In total, between £1,500 and £2,000.

I charge £500 a day which is subject to VAT. My hourly rate, which is £70, is discounted for lengthy projects. If for example, you were to retain me for three months @ 3 days a month, my fee would reduce to £400 a day.

Once I understand the full scope of the project, and before I start work on your behalf, I’ll give you a fixed price quote, which is provided on the understanding that the goal posts remain the same throughout the duration of the project!

If it’s the first time we’ve worked together, I’ll ask for a pro forma payment of 50% of the quoted cost. the balance to be paid on completion of the work, or within 45 days of commencement of the project—whichever comes first.

Any out of pocket expenses I incur (such as travel or accommodation costs) I would expect to be reimbursed, although I will clear that expenditure with you first.

I will not divulge, or allow to be divulged, any confidential information relating to your business other than to sub-contractors or other third parties that I may use, all of which will have signed a standard non disclosure agreement.

Contact: Terence Martin +44 (0)1227 656027 +44 (0)7740 422755