Helping your website appear higher in the organic listings.

Possibly one of the most tangible benefits of an active Social Media (SM) marketing program, is the impact it can have on website ranking.

It is widely accepted that a comprehensive and an on-going SM program helps a website rank higher in the organic listings. Achieving a high ranking used to be a relatively easy and predictable task. By stuffing pages with keyword-rich, robot-pleasing text and adding a clutch of paid-for inbound links, Bob was your uncle and anyone could do it. Not any more: content must now be created for people to read, not spiders.

Furthermore, the concept of ‘authority’ is also becoming a critical consideration.

Authority is about comparing the ‘strength’ of your website with other comparable websites — if Google’s robots deem your site to be more authoritative than your peers’ sites, then yours will appear higher in the search results. SM plays an important role in the authority stakes, because the more Google sees you mentioned in backlinks, the more authoritative it deems your site to be. If however your competitors’ sites are being talked about and shared more on the SM networks, then the reverse applies.


Over and above visitor feedback, one of the key attractions for the owner of the blog is that the search engines like them, particularly those blogs which are popular and are updated regularly. Blogs give keywords more exposure and increase the chances of other websites linking to the host of the blog.

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