A Social Media (SM) marketing campaign is fuelled by content and lots of it.

Although SM campaigns are practically free to run, you will have to invest time writing original, high quality and interesting branded content, news, messages and commentaries. Plus, you must be prepared to interact in a considered way with other SM users — ideally on a daily basis — and find the energy, inspiration and time to create new content (the very fibre of your social presence), week in, week out.

Getting started can be difficult enough, but if you’re not prepared to maintain the effort, then it’s probably best not to embark on any form of SM marketing rather than make a big initial push and then fade away. The 90/10 rule

The relationship between your co-participants on a platform and your brand or firm is akin to the polite, civilised, give-and-take approach you adopt with acquaintances and neighbours as distinct to the intellectual cuts, thrusts and parries of the salesman/prospect relationship.

Ninety percent of your time on SM will/should be spent engaging with people, i.e., informing, entertaining, educating, sharing and asking (politely) for input and of course listening — that is how you’ll be investing your valuable hours when doing the SM thing. It’s what you might call ‘indirect’ marketing.

The balance of your time will be invested in projecting your brand values or encouraging your audience to take some kind of action, which is about as close to ‘direct’ marketing as SM gets! Get the ratio the other way round and SM will never work for you.

A word about blogs

Blogs are normally part of a website, although blogs can be websites in their own right. A blog is a forum which the owner of the blog (the website) uses to post comments, release news and exchange views, in chronological order, with readers of the blog. As well as text, blogs can contain images and links to other blogs and web pages.

The point of a blog is to encourage visitors to the website to interact with each other by leaving comments. Over and above visitor feedback, one of the key attractions for the owner of the blog is that search engines like them, particularly those blogs which are popular and are updated regularly. Blogs give keywords more exposure and increase the chances of other websites linking to the host of the blog.

To summarise:
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