Sausages are sold by the pound—not words

Whether you’re writing a book, an ad or a script, a speech or a joke, it’s the words that count, nothing else. That’s why you can’t purchase effective writing (copy) by volume, by the page, or on the basis of how or where the words are going to be used.

You see lots of 'throwaway' writing on websites...

Throwaway writing skirts around the subject. It's shallow stuff that serves merely as padding and conveys nothing. The throwaway writer never stands in the reader’s shoes. Such writers prefer instead to write what they want to say—not what the visitor to their site wants to read. Because self-centred copy usually fails to address your prospect's interests, he or she loses interest and moves on. Whereas, empathetic, considered and objective prose helps keep them engaged.

I do it differently

I keep in mind that visitors to your site care about only one thing: what your service can do for them.

There's a right way and a wrong way

Designing a website before the content’s been written is a major mistake. It's like adding bells and whistles before the engine's been built...

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